Garage Boyz Storage Solutions Made Easy
Garage Boyz Storage Solutions Made Easy
Storewall Storage Solutions Garage Home Organize


1. What kind of warranty do you offer?
All our products come with a manufacturer warranty. Garage Boyz is a locally owned and operated company… if you are not satisfied with our products or service we will make it right.

2. To accommodate my family’s busy schedule, how much time should I allot? (Minimal inconvenience)
That depends on the size of the job; however, with the exception of epoxy floor coatings, the installation of our products should not take anymore than one day, minimizing any inconvenience to you. 

3. What is expected of me regarding necessary preparations prior to installation?
StoreWall paneling and other products are attached to existing framing. If your garage is not drywalled we can either have that completed by one of our subcontractors or you could have that done prior. Epoxy floor coating requires that your garage is completely emptied before application can begin.

4. Can I take these products with me if I move?
Garage Boyz products are high quality that will add value to your home and increase its resale value. However if you choose, these products are highly versatile and can easily be disassembled, with almost no perceivable effect on existing walls.

5. Are there any discount incentives (eg. Method of payment, quantity purchase, preferred customer)?
Garage Boyz will offer quantity discounts - please ask us if these apply.

6. I want to install products myself; is it difficult?
Garage Boyz offers quality installation from professional installers however we do offer all products for direct sale with easy-to-follow installation instructions.

7. Many of your products are garage-related. What is the versatility of your products in other parts of my home? (Applicability)
The garage is only one application for our products. Their quality and unique characteristics can transform any space indoor or out into a storage and organization possibility.

8. You list several reputable suppliers and offer quality products. Is it versatile to mix and match various products from different suppliers?
The variety of products available gives you the ability to make use of all accessible storage areas, especially often-overlooked vertical space (walls, ceilings). StoreWall paneling is the basis for the most versatility; many of our products are compatible with this system making your storage system endlessly adaptable to your changing needs.

9. As my family grows and my storage needs change, what are the benefits of selecting Garage Boyz products?
The greatest benefit of our products is the flexibility it provides you in handling your storage needs. All components are easily moved, removed or added, as you see fit.

10. Can I order your products on-line?
Absolutely! Browse the huge selection of storage solutions in our on-line store.


Product Comparison Chart



Panel Dimensions

11/16" thick
15" tall
4' or 8' long

3/4" thick
12" tall
8' long

5/8" thick
12" tall
8' long

Panel Color

Bright White
Dover White
Weathered Gray
Global Pine
Rustic Cedar



Slot Design

"L"slot : does not trap dirt.
Standard slot size ensures that wide range of accessories are available.

"T" slot : traps dirt. Non-standard dimensions. Only Gladiator accessories can be used.

"L" slot : does not trap dirt. Standard slot size ensures that wide range of accessories are available.


Color-matched screws available. Hidden Fastener option.

Find your own screws.

Installed by GarageTek personnel only.


Choose from 1000's of standard accessories from a variety of manufacturers.

Limited choice. Approximately 30 items.

Limited choice. Approximately 36 items.

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